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 [Question & Answer FAQ]

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[Question & Answer FAQ] Empty
PostSubject: [Question & Answer FAQ]   [Question & Answer FAQ] EmptyFri Sep 22, 2017 1:29 pm

First of all each section have Rules. Read them

1. Why my character is banned?

Check Here: http://demigodsmu.forumotion.com/f22-banned-unbanned-players

2. When my character will be unbanned/ Why it not unbanned?

Check Here: http://demigodsmu.forumotion.com/f22-banned-unbanned-players

3. Why server is closed / Why server is offline?

-Probably we're having maintenance so kindly wait till it will be done.

4. When server will be online?

-We cant said exactly when. But usually it takes less than 2 hours. You can check server status on our website.

5. Admin banned me for no reason!?

-Please contact him or if he dont respond you contact other staff member ( ByFB or private message )

6. I want to be GM, MOD,HELPER , how can I?

-Simply be active in forum, help players , dont spam and wait till DemiGodsMU staff will open Application thread where you can apply as one.

7.  I have question but i dont know where to ask?

-Simply forum is split on sections where you cant find anything you need. Each section have short description under title.

8. Players killing me. What can i do?

-Move to NON-PVP server or make full stats and buy equipment.

9. I lost items. What now?

-If you were scammed by person wich told you that is GM you can report him in Report section but you wont get your items back.
If your items were gone after server disconnection and you have screenshot go to the problems section and report it.

10. How can I make 3rd quest?

- Just type /change

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[Question & Answer FAQ]
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